Affliction and the Time of Testing

Arms of Pope Benedict XVI

Arms of Pope Benedict XVI *Gules, chape in or, with the scallop shell of the second; the dexter chape with a moor’s head in natural colour,
crowned and collared of the firstthe sinister chape a bear

trippant in natural colour, carrying a pack gules belted sable*


….”A term similar to passant but, whereas passant is used for beasts of prey, trippant describes the light movement of beasts of the chase who are represented with the right foot up and the other three feet, as it were, upon the ground”….


The Ghoul (from Arabic al-Ghul الغول, the “demon”, the “creature”, the “calamity”) is a creature monstrousfolklore Arabic and Persian that appears in the tales ofThousand and Nights . They are a class of Jinn , like Efrits example, and as such are the brood of the devilIblisGhouls change shape, most often taking the guise of a hyena or that of a woman, but they are recognizable by their cloven feet, the only constant element of their appearance . The Ghul, feminization of the word Arab is the equivalent Arabic / Persian Lilith (Lamia) . We found counterparts in the Hindu mythologyYogni and Dakinithe ChaldeanUtug and Gigim (demons of the desert) and RussianBaba Yaga . The previous Islamic poet Ta’abbata charranes described in one of his poems him and his fight against a ghoul.
Ghoul loves cemeteries where she digs up corpses for food and other places rarely visited. Ghoul also haunts the desert under the guise of a young woman and she devours travelers who succumb to his appeal, not unlike the sirens of the story of the Odyssey . Many horrific stories for children have a ghoul for lead actor in the countries of the Maghreb . The ghoul often plays the role of Big Bad Wolf .

Strange gem for the Pope to choose for his Coat of Arms! SINISTER?

Strange yet …..Ister means Easter

Mel Gibson and the Book of ACTS 2

Mel Gibson caught my attention last night especially after watching the demoralizing you-tube of him in court receiving sentence for his foolishness.

Mel Gibson Pleads No Contest — NO JAIL

Believe me, everyone is guilty of sin so I am not condemning him in this post. I have in the past watched the news about his exploits with a woman named Oksana who bore a child they named Luciana.

I had heard that he had quite a few children by his first wife and was able to avoid taxes, because of the amount of children he had and I thought it was a bit weird….whether true or not, I do not know. Catholics tend to have a lot of children, but that is a generalization on my part. Just that almost every Catholic family in the past that I befriended tended to be big families. I had never heard of the tax exemption till I had heard that Mel Gibson had actually planned his family that way. I am sure he loves children so I imagine it was more for that reason than the tax exemption. Like I said I am not sure it is true or not.

I watched a you tube of the music video he produced for Lucy and I believe the song was about “loving his skin”. It isn’t a very good song and she plays piano and looks pretty in the you-tube. The words were so shallow and I knew then that she was trouble. And the song is kind of gross because of the premise. Obviously having an affair is trouble with a capital “T” but to produce such a song seemed to fit the situation. I’ll try to find that you-tube to include in this post.

Here are the Mel Gibson news captions and the you tubes I watched last night and I have obviously seen some in the past. but these caught my attention and are partially what this post is based upon and few other things to add that seem to apply.

Oksana Grigorieva to Sue Mel Gibson For All Kinds of Stuff; Probably Vice Versa


It seems funny to write about some actor/producer (one my favorite actors, I confess) on a blog about the gospels and religion,  especially with the events going on in Japan. I just finished a post about Japan and the Cat Way of Roman Catholicism and I am sorry that the earthquake happened. I feel quite a bit detached from it for many reasons. I probably haven’t really digested the enormity of it and personally haven’t quite come to terms with it.  I don’t think the disaster in Japan is a normal earthquake event, but man-made! Well, not really man-made, but more like HELL-made. I believe it was done purposefully with the intent to bully Japan to use as an example to the Arabs, Africa, Asia and Israel and basically the people of the world. I think we are in Armageddon, but most people are not acquainted with prophecy well enough to know or correllate the events together.  I have been blessed with the ability to notice and I believe I have been led to learn and through my eyes and effort I am trying to relate what I believe I should. I am not a historian, or a bible scholar, or a writer…. just someone who is deeply interested and trying to come to terms personally, spiritually and generally with these events and alert others, because I think that is my purpose and duty.

I was a fan of Mel Gibson and I still respect his ability to act and produce really fantastic movies… favorite movie…. Braveheart. Probably one of the best movies ever made, in my opinion. I have purchase quite a few of his movies on video in the past and dvds. I did also purchase movie about Jesus and subsequently only watched it twice, once all the way through and the other time partially watched it with my cousin while I was recuperating from surgery. It was hard to watch (painful) mostly because the sound effects were so stunning and it seemed so real in parts. There are a few movies in the past about Jesus that have affected me more than his film. His movie definitely had a different style and was more realistic. After the movie was hailed as big hit, his outbursts about the Jews (when drunk) were a disappointment to me.

Alcoholism is a disease I am acquainted with via family ties. I know what alcohol can do to a person.  I have my bad habits, too. Who doesn’t? So I know to forgive outbursts of  a drunk and not to take seriously what they say when drunk. It still has its effect. as do all our actions and decisions in life. I don’t think he really meant what he said. I think he was drunk and when you are drunk or on drugs your spirit is weak and can be influenced by another spirit. That can even happen when you are not drunk!

Oksana Grigorieva Beautiful Heartache

Very Haunting, sad song: It should be renamed

Death’s Lullabye

with the lyrics:

….”No cross I wouldn’t bear…No poison I wouldn’t take….Yes, I would do anything, commit any crime…If I could spend the nights with you….Just one night”……

It’s catchy and she is beautiful!

Very tempting!

Actually the song should have included “I love the way I wear my skin moor!”

Perhaps you are persecuted for your portrayal of the Baby Devil?

I suppose the United World Spirit was offended by the skin it wore?

Maybe your portrayal of the Devil hit too close for comfort!


She got what she wanted….Her Way….more like the Devil’s whey!

I suppose that his ex is getting what she wants….Her Way!

Please read: Sour Wine


I could tell by watching Mel Gibson in that humiliating court setting on the you-tube that he is being afflicted and is being made an example of by the world. His wealth, success. popularity…maybe his movie about Jesus, and the spirit within him. He is being used!  I can tell that he is still sincere and is suffering a lot of pain and worst of all in public!

Misery loves company and there is a world union in a united spirit that wants to pull him down and kill his spirit, if they are able. He has offended that united world spirit and he is being punished by that united world spirit for that offense ….and believe me they don’t care what he did that was bad as much as what he did that was good. They can’t exactly punish him for what he accomplished that was good, so they had to entrap him for what he did that was bad. And they did! Why? Because they want him to be like them. Whether his girlfriend was in on the deception, I do not know, but I think she was spiritually on their side. Has anyone berated her for having an affair with a married man? No, that seems to be okay with the world. Could it be that they want his money? Probably. Another instance of that united world spirit follows:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mocks Mel Gibson

I have no idea about his relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the press sure pounced upon the opportunity to rub his nose in the dirt. Best part of the article was his response through his spokesman.  It reminded me of the fiasco that President  Barak Obama endured last year in Aquilla Italy with the woman in the red dress that he offered his hand to help her down the stairs. The Press made a stink about it and nothing happened. Whether or not it was an act or entrapment I do not know. but I prefer to think it was a setup and nothing he did deserved the attention it received. On fact, I thought what he did with the woman in the red dress was gentlemanly. And whether Arnold Scharzenegger was kidding or not, I think it stinks that he did it for the press to print, but typical. I definitely don’t think it was a high moment, kidding aside on his part. I think less of him for what he said. but then maybe the press manipulated that event, as well.  Maybe this Mel Gibson affair is also an ACT! Who knows for sure?

Sometimes affliction is also a blessing personally and for others and is a tool used by the Father to bring us to a place where a person can be used by Him. Whatever evil intends our Father can turn to a blessing if we don’t surrender to IT, but if you don’t know what IT IS then you are at a disadvantage.

I am not saying I know it all. but I am relearning what I thought I knew and was taught which I found out to be was quite a bit of deception. I am still struggling also to understand and to cope with life on this earth as I think most of us are.

This is what is happening to me and probably some of you right now:

This is the SYNOPTIC spirit that can destroy a person.

Luke 20:18

18Whosoever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken;

but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.


(interesting that they named their baby the female version of the name Luke)

I believe the Synoptic gospels betrayed Jesus of Nazareth by their content. If you compare the Synoptic gospels with the Gospel of John you should notice. Most of my posts are about the differences between the two different Jesus’s. I think the one that is portrayed in the Synoptic Gospels is a fraud. They are based upon an unknown source called “Q” source and  are in alliance to belittle and mock the truth and to confuse. Why everyone thinks that the deception only occurs in the end times is beyond me. It happened at that time and has evolved over time into

the Great Deception.

Please read:

The Image of the Beast

Timothy Dalton lands a supporting role in the Mel Gibson scandal by visiting his former lover Oksana in LA

Geeez Oksana’s looks have changed.

Scary looking couple!

Very dark picture of her and her grinning ex/accomplice, Dalton.

They look Hungary. My advice would be to throw them some raw meat and run!

here is another you-tube of Oksana:

Oksana – ,,Say My Name”

……”Show me the way, I’ve got no way back home”…….

Honestly, Oksana I believe I found the truth in the Gospel of John!


Jodie Foster Loves Mel Gibson

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion

Pope and the Vatican play Dodge Baal as they move on past Libya

after washing their hands


and march to collect the Holy Lands!



Please refer to

Merangue’s Blog

for links to posts about those differences and the deceptions.

Disclaimer: Sorry Mr. Gibson, and the rest. I would write about my foolishness in the past but nobody cares so I had to use your foolishness:)



In my post about Japan I believe that they have been afflicted via Roman Catholicism and their United World Spirit, and more specifically, the Neocatechemenalism of Roman Catholicism. Some bishops of Japan resisted the Vatican and the Pope and they paid the price for their resistance, a very big price, and many people have lost their lives because of that resistance, In My Opinion!

This is the NEW WORLD ORDER with Teeth

that Pope Benedict XVI promoted couple of years ago in the news.

Here are a few articles about Japan’s solidarity and altruism in the face of disaster:

Why is there no looting in Japan?

No Looting in Japan

Perhaps they were prepared in advance for this event! DUH!

They paid the sacrifice for the NEOCATECHUMENISM WAY as Pope Benedict expressed that they should.

That is why we keep hearing that the world is in solidarity with the victims!

…”Benedict XVI says that the Neocatechumenal Way has been confirmed by the Lord through ecclesiastical approval, and entrusted to its members to offer an “original contribution” to the New Evangelization.”…


I cannot forget what the Japanese did in WWII.


I guess this is altruism and solidarity for a cause they believe in….

Last time they allied with Hitler


The United World Religion headed by ROME and the DEVIL!


…”Cardinal Rylko offered three specific guidelines to members of the Neocatechumenal communities: obedience to bishops, acknowledgement of the role of the presbyter, and fidelity to the liturgical texts of the Church.

In his response, Argüello thanked Benedict XVI, and Popes John Paul II and Paul VI. The latter, he recalled, said to him on one occasion:

“Be humble and faithful to the Church and the Church will be faithful to you.”…

I hope you won’t be faithful to Rome, the Pope, the United World Religion, the Vatican, the New World Order or the Neocatechumenal Whey!

Japan Quakes after Confirmation of the Neocatechumenal Way

The Grace of Anathema Maranatha

Pope Prays


153 Hail Mary’s and 153 Hilda

Please read:

I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised *

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)

Japan Quakes after Confirmation of the Neocatechumenal Way

My other articles I hope you will read:

Merangue’s Blog

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