Mel Gibson, George Gänswein, and the Pope

In my latest article

Courtyard of the Gentiles

Pope invokes the Image of the Beast

there is a link to a post about the Covenant with the Many.  It is worth reading because of the many links about the covenants in the bible and the covenants being made lately that seem to coincide with what is occurring in the news today in North Africa and in the Middle East. I have linked that post below:

The Covenant with Many

…..”What is the covenant with the many?”…..

…….”I looked up “covenant” in the bible search on line and found a lot of covenants.The covenant that caught my eye is the one that the Synoptic Jesus makes with the Synoptic disciples at the Synoptic Last Supper and the verses about this covenant uses the word many.”

“I think that is a clue about this covenant!”…..

“……The Blood Covenant at the Last Supper

in the Synoptic Gospels seems to be a bit odd

since Jesus had not died yet!……”

I wanted to take a break from my passion (my blogs) because of the accumulative effect of reading about the world events of late upon my indelicate frame of mind, but I could not get a particular picture out of my head of Pope Benedict XVI and his little men. It kept nagging at me that I thought I ought to alleviate the pressure in my brain and relate the irony of this image with a scene in the movie Braveheart.

In the movie Braveheart the Scots have just sacked a northern city of England and the angry English king comes home to find his effeminate prince, his son, trying on clothes with his effeminate entourage of men/boys. They had just been invaded by Scotland and his prince/son was primping in his new outfit with his men/boys who were admiring the prince/son like maids in waiting.

I happened upon an image of Pope Benedict and his maids in waiting a few days ago. When I saw these pictures I could not let go of the images because of the circumstances in the world especially as the Pope pleads for peace in Libya………..

Pope pleads for peace in Libya

Since Pope Benedict XVI bears the weight of his office he ought to tell the truth about Jesus of Nazareth and have the decency not to ARI pictures of himself in such a degrading repulsive fashion while people that he exchanged gifts, entertained and stroked, snuggled, deceived, and robbed of the truth are fighting against their own people who are fighting for freedom that they never have had and through their ignorance of the truth about Jesus of Nazareth they too are dying and much more. Not to mention the men and women that serve in the militaries. But this isn’t really about any of them……is it?

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion

Who is the master they serve?

Chief Priests and the Legion

I do not believe they serve Jesus of Nazareth, but themselves and their pompous frivolous activities.  The pictures are nauseating to say the least! It seemed fitting to place the pictures at the bottom of the post because of their grotesque nature and the bizarre timing. War, Death, Lawlessness at their footsteps.

The younger man to the very right of Pope Benedict is Georg Gänswein….., I saw another article about him and the women were enamored because of his physical attributes while he was sitting with sunglasses and smiling. I cannot find that particular article, but here is one that gives some information about him. There are plenty moor!

His name is interesting because

Gan in Hebrew is garden / Swein is Swine

Whether names really have meaning…..I don’t know, but it is interesting.

Mel Gibson Launches Rockets Into Israel | The Onion – America’s 

The Pope seems to think a name is important!

Pope pleads parents to give their children traditional names before Baptism


Anyway, I think they ought to ponder the possibility that this may be their fate! Perhaps instead of changing their accessories for their NEO IN-ISHI-tives they might heed this prophecy below:

153 Hail Mary’s and 153 Hilda

Isaiah 66:16-18

16For by fire and by his sword will the LORD plead with all flesh: and the slain of the LORD shall be many.

17They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens

[Gäns, coincidence?]

behind one tree in the midst, eating swine’s flesh,

[Swein, coincidence?]

and the abomination, and the mouse,

[Ratzinger, coincidence?]

shall be consumed together, saith the LORD.

18For I know their works and their thoughts: it shall come,that I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come, and see my glory.

Thou shalt not drool

“…….Gänswein is, though, more than just an impressive theologian. He is, like the man he serves, extremely conservative. “I think he is very dangerous,” Daniel Deckers, the author of a biography of Germany’s leading liberal cardinal, Karl Lehmann, said. “He’s part of a small but very powerful group within the Catholic church. He will use his power to push Ratzinger in a certain direction.”……”

“…….Born on July 30 1956, Gänswein grew up in Riedern am Wald, a tiny Bavarian village. He was ordained in 1984 and is a doctor of canon law from Munich University. He came to Rome in 1995 and was quickly on the Vatican fast track. In 1996, the then Cardinal Ratzinger asked him to join his staff, and he became a professor of canon law at the

Pontifical University of the Holy Cross,

an institution affiliated to the secretive Catholic movement Opus Dei.…….”

[Moor like Pomp-i-fickle IMO!]

“………Gänswein’s critics even accuse him of turning the Pope into a fashion victim. This summer, Ratzinger and his secretary went on holiday to the papal residence at Castel Gandolfo, near Rome, as well as to the Italian Alps at Valle D’Aosta. While both men were hiking in the hills, the Pope appeared in public wearing a Nike hat, designer Serengeti sunglasses and a Cartier watch. “This is Gänswein’s style. It’s his handwriting,” one religious affairs writer said. “This is something I don’t understand………”

Pope may be turning into an icon . . . of fashion

“……..Benedict boasts one other smart and stylish accessory — his much-admired private secretary, Don Georg Gaenswein. Don Georg skis, plays tennis and has a pilot’s licence. His filmstar face appeared on the cover of a weekly on Thursday……”




IN my opinion Georg Gänswein reminds me of the priest walking down the hallway towards Queen Elizabeth in the movie Elizabeth starring Cate Blanchett right before her maid in waiting died because the dress she wore was poisoned!

Like an assassin!


Pope stresses importance of safety in workplace

Next thing probably on their agenda is death, destruction and lawlessness in the workplace because he now has a new hat on.

They have to prove that they are needed


what will they do?

This is the Roman Whey!

(Create a mess to stay employed Aul the while looking pretty)


Texas “Off The Record”


The Covenant with Many


Mel Gibson and President Kennedy’s Assassination


You have to admit they look giddy, shallow, and glad handing! YUCK!

And a woman is raped in Libya and dragged away by freedom fighters?

Libyan rape victim offered bribe to change story

Abomination of Desolation: Part one

Abomination of Desolation Pt 2


Acting Like Men of God

The only reason I added the above article was the title fit but the article is just air!


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